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BLOG TOUR REVIEW: The Phone Call by AJ Campbell @AuthorAJC

Hey everyone. I’m back and thrilled to be part of the blog tour for AJ Campbell’s new book, The Phone Call, another brilliant psychological thriller full of fantastic twists and turns, and a jaw dropping ending…..

Title: The Phone Call
Author: AJ Campbell
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Estimated page count: 270
Formats available: Paperback & eBook. Available on Kindle Unlimited.

The Blurb

Sometimes the guilty are innocent

Joey Clarke was just fifteen when his dad died, leaving him to raise his much younger siblings as his mum dealt with the trauma of bereavement and her failing health. Ten years on, Joey’s only pleasure is spending time with his friend Becca, the love of his life. It’s the one escape from his dead-end job, his ever-increasing debts, and the fear that enforcement agents will knock on his front door any day.

So when a phone call brings Joey the chance to ease the burdens of his life, he grabs the opportunity, even though he knows things are not entirely as they should be. He justifies it to himself as a way to get back on his feet. But when he finds himself party to a crime involving Becca, he panics.

As Joey tries to find a way out, he becomes further embroiled in a web of secrets, lies, and deceit. At risk of losing everything and everyone he holds dear, Joey must consider the unthinkable.

A psychological suspense thriller, full of twists and turns, perfect for readers of Lisa Jewell, Frieda McFadden, Shari Lapena, Adele Parks, Miranda Rijks, Jackie Kabler, Lucy Foley, Sally Hepworth, and Daniel Hurst.

My thoughts

At twenty-five Joey is under a lot of pressure. His Dad died ten years ago and since becoming the man of the house, he’s had to try and support his Mum and siblings. With debt mounting and the constant worry of debt collectors turning up, he agrees to a job on the side after receiving a phone call….and from there everything spirals out of control. As his life plummets into something out of a film, and as he gets deeper in trouble, he must start to make some tough decisions…..before someone gets hurt……

One of the things I really liked about this book was that it links to real life. Talk of Covid, lockdown and the pressures that come with financial struggle made Joey and the other characters really relatable. I could feel his struggle, making some hard decisions between what was right or what was easy. He definitely makes some absolutely terrible decisions, and could have probably saved himself a lot of trouble, but it really shows how one lie or mistake, can spiral out of control.

The story keeps you on your toes. I was constantly wondering what decision he would make next, or what he’d end up getting himself mixed up in, but I didn’t foresee half of what happened in this! There were so many twists and turns, and some fantastic jaw-dropping moments. I was literally on the edge of my seat at times, and needed to keep turning the pages to see what would happen. Every time I thought I’d figured something out, I was proved wrong!

This book really makes you think about what you’d do in a situation like this. I’m sure we’d all like to think we’d do the RIGHT thing but would we really? Especially if everything we cared about was at risk?!

So overall, another fantastic book from AJ. The twists and turns will keep you hanging on, the pace will keep you turning the pages, and the characters and plot will have you asking yourself questions. So if you’re looking for a brilliant new psychological thriller to read, then check this out. Recommended by me!

About the Author

AJ CAMPBELL is the author of the Amazon bestselling debut novel Leave Well Alone. She writes in the psychological suspense genre and promises stories full of twists, turns and torment. Her fourth book The Phone Call was released in July 2022. AJ draws inspiration for her novels from seemingly unbelievable situations in which ordinary people find themselves. She creates compelling characters that resonate with her readers. AJ lives in the UK on the Essex / Hertfordshire border with her husband, sons, and cocker spaniel, Max. A dog lover, Netflix junkie, wine and Asian food enthusiast, either reading or writing, AJ enjoys nothing more than getting stuck into a twisty book!

Where to find AJ online: Website ~ Email ~ Instagram ~ Facebook

Thank you so much to Amanda for inviting me to take part in this tour, and for my copy of the book. All views and opinions are my own, and are unbiased.

Take care my lovelies, and I’ll be back soon.

Chelle x


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