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About Me

Thanks for heading over to learn about me!

I’m a 38 year old wife, fur-mum, vegan and book lover.  I’m currently studying full time for a BA in History as a mature student after being in work for the last 20 years!  I’m also lucky enough to work at a gorgeous English Heritage site.  I’ve been book blogging since September 2018 and previously blogged about vegan beauty before changing my focus.

love reading – my Husband will probably tell you that I spend 98% of my free time with my nose stuck in a book, reciting the age old quote of ‘one more chapter’.  I love a variety of genres and love the fact that I can thoroughly mix it up whilst blogging.  One day I can be reading a dreamy romance, the next a twisted and dark thriller – hence I never get bored!

Over the last 3 years I have reviewed so many wonderful books and have interviewed so many wonderful authors.  I previously blogged over at, but have now moved the content of my blog over to this free site.

Going forwards for the time being (as of January 2022) I am no longer taking part in blog tours, or taking review requests.  I’m currently in year 2 of uni and need to put my focus on that, but will continue to read and review as and when I can.  I do have a backlog of books to review from authors which will be read, reviewed and added to this blog, Amazon and Goodreads as soon as I can.  If you’re one of those authors waiting – I’m so sorry for the delay, but I promise I will get there eventually!

So that’s it – a short bit on me! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact. I love to hear from my readers.

Chelle x